Sample of 2D animation

Both the design and animation was done by Guy with Red Beard, creating a fully customisable video for the client. The benefit of animation is that you can create anything you desire, without the constraints of live-action footage.

Daire O Suilleabhain

Daire is a motion graphics designer from Dublin. He specialises in creating compelling motion graphics for social media, cinema, and TV. Using preexisting assets such as images, logos, and footage, or creating new ones from scratch, he creates engaging and entertaining videos.

List of services: Motion Graphics, Animation, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads/Stories, GIFs, explainer videos, corporate promos

  • Instagram
Logo animation created for Galway2020

Guy with Red Beard was approached by the Galway2020 team to animated their logo for a relaunch. They wanted a short and snappy animation that would work well on social media and as an opening sting for longer videos. 

Guy with Red Beard Showreel

A bit sized chuck of our motion graphics work. The work was shown online and on broadcast TV. Contains a mixture of work for Facebook, RTE, Instagram, and Michael D Higgins.

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