WontonTiva Food Stall Design NYC

WontonTiva was founded on National Dumpling Day 2018. They since catered bars, music venues, and breweries in New York City. Their flagship wonton is made using Tiva’s Grandmother’s recipe with a generous filling of pork and scallion, aromatic ginger and garlic, and served with signature dipping sauces.

WontonTiva represents the nostalgia of humble, traditional foods shared with friends and family, and the cultural and culinary convergence of the East and the West in Hawaii. Thanks for all the love and support!

Giselle Chacon Nessi

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Arepas Grill Food Truck

Venezuelan Street Food Stall. Based in Dublin, Ireland.

Arepas Grill is the most delicious food from Venezuela. Their corn flour doughs are cooked and turned into Cornbread (Arepa) filled with premium toppings of all kinds. For all the Health buffs, Arepas features Gluten Free, Dairy Free, vegan, and vegetarian choices.

For this project, we helped Arepas Grill team to create a brand new menu and promo video for their residency at Eatyard this year in Dublin. 

eCommerce – Trust Rules

Sell your product or service online. It’s now possible to sell online and directly to your customers, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Whether it’s Shopify, WooCommerce, or any of the other many available options, we can create a functional and straightforward experience for your customer, no matter the industry.

Bob Lee’s ”Trust Rules” is one of Amazon’s best-selling business books.
Our web development team worked with Bob to create a captivating eCommerce solution for Trust Rules, while simultaneously building a brand based around the uplifting business book. The custom-designed e-commerce site showcases and sells the book in all its international editions.

NGO Fighting animal abuse in Venezuela

Our team worked with ‘Red de apoyo canino’ a non-profit civil association dedicated to strengthening organized animal protectionism through the creation of Support Groups, they implement mass, permanent, and low-cost sterilization days for dogs and cats in a state of neglect, technical training workshops for those veterinarians who wish to carry out social work and we spread a culture of respect and love towards the domestic fauna through educational and adoption campaigns.

We build a simple and responsive website so they can run educational campaigns of animal abuse and communicate their objectives effectively online.

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