L'Estrange Designs recently undertook the design of one of Dublin's newest, most talked-about health food restaurants. Nutbutter wanted to bring something unique to the table of Ireland's restaurant scene, and we wanted our interiors to mirror and reflect this. Our design brings a touch of L.A., and embodies the rustic, boho, beachy aesthetic to complement the healthy, colourful food on offer.

Jill L'Estrange

L’Estrange Designs is a company dedicated to creating unique and thought-provoking interiors. We strive to achieve the best from any space, and aim for originality in everything we do. Specialising in hospitality design, we watch industry trends and standards and bring something new and eye-catching to the table for each scheme. Getting people talking about design and grabbing their attention is what we’re about.

List of services : Hotel Design; Bar Design; Restaurant Design; Cafe Design; Pub Design; Office Design; Show House Design

Camden Exchange

The Camden Exchange was completed in 2015 by Jill L'Estrange (of L'Estrange Designs). The brief was to create an innovative space all about the exchange of ideas, and providing customers with a fun, creative and inclusive environment. The design pays close attention to detail with a focus on craftmanship, creativity and atmosphere. 72-73 Camden Street has been a bank, film set (for the RTÉ series 'RAW'), watchmaker’s studio, restaurant and is now home to The Camden Exchange.

The Strand Hotel

In 2018, L’Estrange Designs were contracted to redesign all the bedrooms, and the ground floor bar and restaurant of the Strand Hotel. The property overlooks Bray Head, which was influential in terms of creating bright open rooms which reflect the beautiful sea views. As the former home of Oscar Wilde, we wanted to pay tribute to his history, and so the decor includes his quotes as artwork, references to his past, and in each bedroom is a writing desk for guests to enjoy the use of.

Tolka House

Established in 1756, The Tolka House is situated in the heart of Glasnevin, next to the Botanic Gardens.  Between 2017 and 2018, L’Estrange Designs undertook the redesign for both the lounge and the bar. When approaching the new schemes, we wanted to create a visual link between the venue and the neighbouring gardens in the lounge, and further enhance the cosy, inviting atmosphere of the bar.

The Tara Building

The Tara Building is a creative co-working space, bringing together individuals from multiple disciplines under one innovative roof. The ground floor of the building, previously an event and gallery space, was converted by L’Estrange Designs into an extension of the co-working spaces. Our scheme of flexible desks, sound proof phone booths, tiered seating, breakout zones, meeting pods, local graffiti artist installations and a micro kitchen bring new life to the ground floor space. 

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