Marcos Keaney

Project Manager & Content Creator

Marcos has over 5 years’ digital marketing and project management experience, managing projects in Ireland, the UK and Spain, working with highly ROI driven companies. Having worked with two digital agencies, Marcos helped scale businesses using both organic and paid advertising across a range of industries. He has a keen interest in project management, personal branding, problem-solving and communications whilst keeping an eye on all things digital and tech.

List of services: Content Creation, Social Media Strategy and Implementation, Project Management

Project Manager & Content Marketing

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Ha'penny Gin

Marcos & Castle33 worked with Ha’Penny Gin to create a full brand awareness campaign for their new range gins; Ha’Penny Dry Gin & Ha’Penny Rhubarb. Marcos created a series of videos and photos to promote the content marketing strategy on their social media channels which encapsulated their brand and tone - “AS ORIGINAL & UNFORGETTABLE AS THE CITY THAT INSPIRED IT”.

The Graduate

After a fire destroyed their premises, Marcos worked with The Graduate to design and create a new brand identity, website and content marketing strategy. Marcos acted as The Graduate’s content creator and social media manager for over 3 years establishing a strategy and guideline for all online and offline communications. The Graduate has enjoyed huge success since with a large local social following, re-establishing themselves as a local phoenix after rising from the ashes.


Marcos has worked closely with the Grapevine in Dalkey, South Dublin on several content marketing projects along with consulting on their social media marketing strategies. The Grapevine transitioned from a standard wine bar to offering a range of food and lunchtime menus to their offering. I helped to create a content strategy to promote their new food menus alongside their established wine business. They are now one of Dalkey’s most popular food and wine venues.

Comfort Keepers

Marcos worked with Comfort Keepers to establish a 12-month content marketing strategy covering 3 key marketing channels; social media marketing, email marketing and a blogging strategy. During the campaign the company was awarded with bronze  Indeed’s Best place to Work in Ireland and won the Enterprise All Star award for Best in Category – Senior Care and an All-Star Award for Community Focus and the overall Enterprise All-Star Cup.

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