Dynamic Resources

Michelle was approached by Dynamic Resources to create a new website for Dynamic Resources, a global retail service fit-out provider. Working with the head of marketing and the web developer, Michelle created the copy for each page of the website, including 45 services pages. These were written in a way to guide the visitor through the website and encourage them to find out more.

Michelle O'Connor

Michelle is a copywriter, editor, and tone of voice consultant. She creates all the content you need to ensure your business is spoken about effectively. Whether you need a website, some blogs, or a whole new tone of voice, Michelle can help you.


She has worked with marketing teams, management teams and web developers to create evocative websites, blog strategies and tone of voice guidelines. Working across many different industries, Michelle is thorough and client satisfaction is guaranteed.


Skills and services: SEO keyword application, research, copywriting, editing, blogging, tone of voice.

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The Dark Hedges Experience

Michelle worked extensively with the Dark Hedges Experience in order to create compelling website copy and sales collateral. This project was undertaken ahead of the launch of their rebranded tours of the Dark Hedges estate in Northern Ireland.


Michelle worked with the Regional Director UK & Ireland at Amanti Tourism to ensure the copy told the story in the best way possible, and was rolled out across digital and print materials.


See www.darkhedgesexperience.com for more.

Guy with Red Beard

Specky Scribbler was approached to provide guidance and edit the copy for Guy with Red Beard Motion. Working with the Head of Motion, Specky Scribbler provided a guideline for tone of voice.

This tone of voice was then applied across the website, and Specky Scribbler also assisted by editing the website in its entirety.

This collaboration is ongoing, with Specky Scribbler providing editing services when the website is updated.

Substantive edits.

University College Dublin approached Specky Scribbler to edit a report in preparation for print. The text required substantial edits and rewriting of the Executive Summary in order to ensure the outline of the findings was as clear as possible. Given the report was so sizeable, it was necessary to condense the summary to include all relevant points. The work was completed on the 50,000 word report in 3 weeks. This included substantive editing, formatting and citations.

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