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One With Another Together

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

“We are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” said Paul Rellis, former COO of Operations and Marketing, Microsoft Western Europe, speaking recently at the RDS Economic Vision 2020 Seminar, about how digital technology and innovation has disrupted the old business models.

A dozen years ago large creative agencies were the thing. One-stop-shops that businesses could go to, to get all their marketing and creative needs. But the disruption of digital and open-source computing changed all that. Quickly there were all number of specialists, all able to work remotely.

Most companies have their own business and marketing plans - they just need the right people to bring those plans to life. Specialists who work with other specialists as required, putting together truly lean and agile teams tailored for their specific projects.

I work in an old industrial building, in a creative co-working space in Dublin, The Tara Building, surrounded by people working to this new industry model - a group of the most motivated, talented, diverse, self-starters I have ever worked amongst, specialising in a wide variety of, largely creative-centred, disciplines. Everyone is energetic, driven and self-motivated. It is a supportive and collaborative community.

These are the children of this Fourth Industrial Revolution. As individuals they are admirable, powerful, talented. As a group they are potentially the most powerful creative-centred entity in Ireland.

And so, The Fifth Province was born.

Author: Bill Hollingsworth, Graphic Designer. Visual: Detail from "One With Another Together - a mural in @thetarabuilding by @barryquinnart and @chris_flynn with help from @neliusflynn.

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