2018 reel

2018 was an exciting year for Stephanie. She had 2 short documentaries she edited and co-produced showcased in festivals around the world, and worked on productions in Ballinasloe, Ireland, downtown Manhattan, and the peaks of the Teton Mountains. She began working as co-producer for the popular YouTube channel Real Engineering, and collaborated with many new friends and colleagues in Ireland. This editing reel shows some of the very coolest projects she worked on all year.

Stephanie Sammann

Stephanie is an American video editor and creative director now living in Dublin. From editing documentaries, to conceptualising fashion videos, to researching and animating science educational films - whatever the project, Stephanie works as a partner through all aspects of production. Whether there is already a heap of footage that needs a final vision, or just a loose idea for a video to be made, Stephanie helps clients bring their story to life.

Services: Film Editing, Creative Direction for Video, Video Production, Motion Graphics Animation.

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Up the Mountain

Shortly after moving to Dublin, Stephanie began working with photographer and filmmaker Donal Moloney to capture a story about Ireland’s vanishing communities, about life, death, and grief, and about finding happiness through the love of animals. The film captures the story about the life of Eddie, a man from Creggs, Co. Galway, who has gotten through some of the darkest times in his life through the love of horses. Stephanie helped on location with horse wrangling and drone flying, and edited the 12 minute short documentary.

The Truth about Hydrogen

Stephanie works as co-producer, researcher, animator and editor for the YouTube channel Real Engineering, where she uses her science background for engaging educational content. This video is one of many that Stephanie has helped create. In particular, this video was researched, written, and directed by Stephanie.


Stephanie worked with filmmaker Mike Andrews to capture the story of Pigsy, an eccentric artist who has struggled his entire life with dyslexia. Pigsy uses painting as a way to release frustration and break out of the bounds he feels society puts on us all. Stephanie worked with Mike to develop the story, and edited the 8 minute documentary.

Elevated Surfcraft

Stephanie worked with her Wyoming based production partner, SkyDef Productions, to create this piece for snowboard company Elevated Surfcraft. Capturing the soul of the company, this video explains how Elevated Surfcraft merges the movement of surfing into the world of snowboarding. Stephanie worked as the director and editor for this video.

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